All the updates we here at SWIM have been working so hard to implement are just about wrapped up. The website, this blog, getting into iTunes…it has been taking some serious time. But I’ll bring everyone up to speed on that next time. Despite our efforts and focus to roll all that out, we’ve also been hard at work reaching out and securing interviews for you to listen to and enjoy!

Which is why I’m gonna get right to it:

Shadi Petosky, a highly passionate, driven, and experienced veteran of the animation industry is the subject and interviewee of our sixth episode. She is a co-founder of Puny Entertainment, an interactive entertainment and convergence media studio focusing on design and story, based right here in Minneapolis. Besides being immensely talented, she’s also mighty interesting.

Adding to her growing list of accomplishments, Shadi Petosky is now the co-creator and showrunner of a new Amazon series called Danger & Eggs, an original animated comedy series about teal-haired D.D. Danger, a girl always looking for the next great adventure, and her best friend Phillip, a giant egg who comes prepared for the worst and is always looking out for his pal. It’s as colorful and entertaining as it is positive and engaging. Danger & Eggs promotes self-love and delivers strong (positive) messages about mental health to its audience.


The pilot for the series is up now for your viewing pleasure at Amazon and features Saturday Night Live’s Aidy Bryant.

Prior to this endeavor, Shadi worked as an animation supervisor for popular shows including Yo Gabba Gabba! and MAD TV, did title sequences for feature films including SUPER, and is a 3-Time Webby Award Honoree for devoloping

Shadi Petosky lives in LA, she is Executive Producer of Puny Entertainment here in MN, and Awesome is her middle name. …Okay, that last one isn’t true I don’t think. But maybe it should be for how she works, how she thinks, and how she gets it all to come together.

Her work and her ethic inspires us. That is why we just had to speak with her. So, go over to Soundcloud and enjoy.  Then go follow Shadi on Twitter @shadipetosky to keep up on her latest happenings and check up on Puny Entertainment to see what else this creative studio is working on.

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