Hello from us at SWIM. It’s been a busy time for us since kicking off Season 2 this year. Lots of communications, outreach, and building up our library of content for your waiting eyes and ears. We have many talented ladies on our list of those we plan to spotlight, #SWIMfan, and have sit down with us for talk time.

With that being said, today launches the first interview-episode of season 2!

And that’s pretty exciting because we chatted it up with Susan Yung! This young talent is a Freelance Designer and Visual Development Artist living in LA. Her resume has a strong foundation that includes Chromosphere, Buck, PSYOP and Elastic and most recently includes Cartoon Network as a background painter on the new show, Mighty Magiswords.

That seems a great fit to me; I mean, one look at her tumbler page tells you that she is adept with light, shadow, and the life that happens in between.

image courtesy http://susanyung.tumblr.com

image courtesy http://susanyung.tumblr.com

In the podcast, she talks about how she found her way into the industry, her journey from Hong Kong to the United States, freelancing versus full-time employment, her favorite projects, and her current work. As an artist, she has quite a range too. As you can tell above, her illustration is wonderful. But she also has animation and 3d chops. Check out Susan’s delightful piece “Runaway” (an all female collaboration):

Also in the show, the conversation delves into what Susan recalls about how many females were surrounding her in school and as she started out professionally. Then a sober discussion about the now infamous piece from the Rick and Morty creators on why women hadn’t worked on their show and how that all too common perception is pervasive throughout the TV, animation, and motion industries.

But go listen for to the interview yourself! I’m not gonna ruin it any more – its a fun an down-to-earth listen.

Of course, visit her website, check out her tumbler, and follow her on Twitter @suzcorriander She’s sure to continue to create wonderful, charming, and amazing work – her career is only at the beginning.

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