Oh Wow. Look at how the time has flown!

It would be nice to say that all of us here at SWIM have been sipping Mai Tai’s on a white sandy beach, somewhere warm. But that has not been the case. Because even though you’ve received the equivalent of postcards via twitter to know we are still alive, we haven’t been kicked back on our laurels.

We have been brainstorming, deliberating, discussing, conceiving and slowing implementing all of the ideas we have settled on. And we are so excited for them.

Most recently, our new website quietly rolled out and our second season kicked off with a Twitch live stream of the four of us discussing all that is SWIM on January 14th, 2017. We will be uploading this to our iTunes list if you missed it, available to listen to January 16.

Julia, Anna, Alicia, and myself all sat down for an hour, talked about what SWIM is, how it came to be, why each of us are involved, we answered some questions from the viewing audience, talked software, trends in the motion/animation industries, and some our own personal goals for 2017.

We had a lot of fun and hope that it was enjoyed. Our plan is to host a live stream once a month along with conducting an interview, and our newest feature, Friends of Friends. In the FoF feature, a friend of ours conducts an interview with a friend of theirs in the industry and we feature it! We liked this idea as a way to break possible language barriers and time zone difficulties while opening up the network of women out in the vast ocean of our industry.

So, that is SWIM.

And elsewhere out there, sources like Motionographer and Yes, Equal have been kicking out a lot of diversity awareness!!!
Take a click, have a read:

About the Gender Gap in Motion Graphics from Isabel Urbina Peña of Yes, Equal
SPECTRUM :Tynesha Foreman by Lilian Darmono
SPECTRUM: Yussef Cole also Lilian Darmono
The Diverse panel of Judges for the first annual Motion Awards (including Julia & Alicia)
Art of the Title did a follow up of their 2015 post 10 Women of Title Design with a new 2016 post 10 More Women of Title Design

As always, be sure to follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to us on iTunes or on Soundcloud. And keep your eyes peeled for our first interview of Season 2 with Susan Yung which launches Monday, January 30th!